Project Origination


We identify suitable project locations. With our wide-spread network of subsidiaries and partners, we are able to offer project site services worldwide, taking into account the geographical and economical options as well as the political and legal background.

The company prepares all required documents in-house. This allows us to respond promptly, and review all planning documents and drawings promptly throughout the entire duration of a project.

We possess the reputation and the ability to negotiate favourable financing terms with the biggest of lenders. High debt funding percentage, long repayment or grace periods are some of the items we were able to obtain for our projects.


  • Project development in the hands of experienced team
  • Early assessment to determine feasibility
  • International partners to assist with permitting in target country
  • Producing a package of ready-to-build project rights
Preliminary Design

We start with a preliminary feasibility assessment. Followed by preparation of draft layouts, plans, indicative material lists and other documents necessary for getting the project to a ready-to-build stage. This includes supporting and coordinating relevant environmental or geotechnical studies.


Liaison with the relevant local authorities and submissions of all information required in order to grant building, grid connection and any other licences. Negotiation with landowner and structuring of land lease or purchase agreements. Execution of PPAs or equivalent energy take-off agreements.

Project Coordination

Our team takes charge of the whole project development process. Technical, legal and procedural matters are all dealt with in-house. All associated activities, correspondence and report preparation are included in our scope of work.

Finance Structuring

Financial modelling and profitability analysis are inherent in our project development. We have a network of contacts and potential debt and equity investors with appetite for various regions worldwide, to whom we pitch pipeline projects. Preparation of materials / teasers and liaison are led by us.